Last Summer I started following Kayla Itsines on Instagram. She is an Australian native who has developed two amazing workout guides as well a nutrition guide.  I always told myself I would never spend money on something like this as I figured that I could use my resources to learn about fitness on my own and shouldn’t have to buy a guide to teach me how to workout. I continued to follow Kayla on IG and all the transformations she posted amazed me. Soon enough I was debating taking the plunge to buy her first 12 week guide. In October I finally purchased Bikini Body Guide (BBG) 1.0 and it was the best $60 I’ve ever spent.  Kayla’s resistance workouts consist of completing 4 rounds of circuits for 7 minutes each. Yes, only 28 minutes! Sounds quick and easy but they are the toughest (and most sweaty) 28 minutes of my day.  I’ve completed Kayla’s first 12 week guide twice and have now started her second guide (weeks 12-24). I feel stronger and more confident than I have ever been and I have Kayla to thank.

Kayla began a bootcamp world tour and on May 31 Kayla announced on her Instagram account that registration for her NYC bootcamp was open. It filled up within 1 hour. I’m so very thankful that Jeremy wasn’t huffing and puffing at me being on IG too much that night or I may have very well missed her post and not been able to secure a ticket.

For the past couple months I have connected with several other girls who are doing the guides. I finally got the chance to meet so many of those girls at the bootcamp this past Saturday, and even roomed with 3 of them in the city Friday night.  Jeremy may thought I was a little nutty for spending the night with 3 strangers that I’ve never met in person, but it was the best decision.  After a delicious dinner together on Friday night we woke up bright and early on Saturday ready to sweat with Kayla. Of course getting a good spot for the workout was first priority so we lined up outside the venue (Basketball City) at 6:30am, an hour before the doors were scheduled to open and two and a half hours before the bootcamp was scheduled to start.  We weren’t the least bit eager, nope not at all.  At 7:30 we ran through the doors to secure our spots in the front row, woot woot. Before we knew it 9am came and we were warming up for 30 minutes of burpees, push-ups, ab bikes, planks, x-hops, jump lunges, jump squats and leg raises. The workout was brutal and left me with tomato face but it was an amazing experience. After the workout I had the chance to meet Kayla and thank her for being such an inspiration.  I’m so thankful that I got the chance to workout with Kayla and so many other BBG girls.

Here’s some pictures to recap.

After dinner on Friday we headed to the Brooklyn Bridge for a group photo…

My three fabulous roommates and I found an awesome photographer during our walk to Basketball City…

Waiting for the doors to open on Saturday  morning…


Finally inside…

And here’s our girl…


You can check out Kayla’s guides here!

These past weekend was jam- packed with fun activities (more on that in tomorrow’s post!) leaving me way too exhausted to work on a post last night.  In the battle of the blog vs Netflix, Netflix definitely won.  Anyhow, I wanted to squeeze in a quick Monday post so lunch break blogging it is!

If it’s not already blatantly obvious, I’ve got a thing for white jeans.  I love the crisp look for spring and summer. It doesn’t hurt that they match with pretty much any top. After a long search I’ve finally found the perfect pair that will never leave my closet (well, only when I’m wearing them).  It’s tough finding white pants that are opaque, don’t show bulging pockets (I once cut the pockets out of my previous pair) and are actually flattering.  Luckily these fit the bill, and it doesn’t hurt that they are on sale.

Jeans: Lord & Taylor // Shirt: Old; Love this option // Sandals: Similar // Bracelet: Stella & Dot

If you follow me on Instagram (@fashionablyfitjess) you’ve probably seen these shorts a few times. They are definitely a summer staple and my go-to shorts for the weekends. I wore these this past weekend while visiting my grandma, surprisingly she wasn’t totally taken back by the rips and seemed to know it’s ‘the style’, go Grandma! If only she also knew about blogging.  Have you ever tried explaining what a blog is to a 80 something year old (she’d hate if revealed her exact age) ? If you haven’t yet, don’t try! While she stood in her driveway watching us shoot these photos I completely forgot to have her join in on the fun. She would have posed like pro, after all her nickname is ‘Hottie Dottie.’

Shorts: Necessary Clothing  // Shirt: Similar // Sandals: Love These // Bracelets: Similar Studded Bracelet ; Stella & Dot // Necklace: House of Harlow

If you know me then you know I love pizza, nachos, chocolate, lasagna, and most other unhealthy foods. If you don’t know me well now you do because there’s just a few more minor details that define who I am (just a few). As my big sis has told me, ‘you live life one meal at a time.’  Every moment is spent thinking of my next meal and every Friday is spent thinking of the upcoming weekend splurges.  I’ve slowly learned to curb my once weekend long splurges into single day or single meal splurges but everyone once in awhile there comes a weekend when Large Marge comes out to play, or should I say eat.

Last weekend was Jeremy’s birthday and I love birthdays! My favorite part is the highly anticipated ‘birthday dinner.’  Picking a restaurant for ‘birthday dinner’ is HUGE for me (just like how I feel after eating a birthday dinner).  Jeremy loves a good steak so I chose a restaurant where he could get just that. Oddly I went for chicken parmigiana because it’s breaded goodness and covered in cheese. Do I really need to explain myself?  Dinner was followed by drinks with friends which was followed by late night authentic Mexican cuisine because it’s not the weekend if I didn’t eat guacamole.  Oh and I forgot to mention that Jeremy requested ‘chocolate chip cookie dough Reese’s peanut buttercup brownies.’  He may have made that one up but holy cannoli they were ‘heavenly’. Needless to say I experienced ‘heaven’ a few times during the weekend.

On Sunday I knew that Large Marge had to get the heck out of town or I’d be heading to the mall for some new (larger) pants.  Grocery shopping was a must so that I could plan some healthy options for the week ahead. Although I’ve learned to enjoy my splurges and not feel guilty I know that come Monday it’s time to get my act together.  Healthy food options is step one.

Exhibit A: Veggies for days (literally). This is two bundles of asparagus, a head of broccoli and a bunch of brussel sprouts.  I chopped it all and tossed it with EVOO, pepper, garlic, rosemary and some fresh squeezed lemon. Greens on greens on greens. 
Step two, is the whole fitness thing. I rarely skip a workout on a Monday. When I do, I usually continue to skip my workouts and before I know it the pizza delivery guy is standing at my door.  It doesn’t hurt that I feel so much better when I’m eating healthy and sticking to my workouts. Bathing suit season is in full swing so it’s time to kick Marge to the curb for a little while.

A couple years ago I decided it was time to let go of all my raggedy high school and college sweatshirts. My college years of parading around campus with my various UDel sweatshirts are over. At first I thought I’d never again feel as comfy during the winter months as I did when bundled up in my hoodies but I’ve quickly come to realize that there are other options. I’m no longer a walking advertisement for my alma mater.  I’ve made a point to find plenty of clothes that are both cozy and fashionably, this short sleeved sweatshirt being one of them. Sadly, I missed out on the long sleeve version before it sold out but this short sleeve sweatshirt is perfect for cool summer nights.  The Loft currently  has a few great sweatshirt options that are such a steal (I’m talking clearance!).



Jeans: H&M // Top : Love This and this // Sandals: Old, Almost identical pair // Bag: Olivia & Joy