faux-suede-jacket Cupcakes-Cashmere-Darcy neutral-look jeffrey-campbell-despina suede-darsy-jacket white-on-white-look


Jeans: Gap // Top: Similar // Jacket: Shopbop (on sale!) also here // Shoes: Shopbop or Nordstrom // Bag: Kate Spade Outlet; Similar

My days of wearing anything colorful are few and far between.  I am a sucker for neutrals and you can’t go wrong with beige on white on white on taupe.  I mentioned these shoes on Instagram and they really are my new favorites!  I actually wanted these all last Summer but was patiently (for a change) waiting for them to go on sale.  When I saw them back in stock this Spring I knew I had to grab them.  They never got marked down but luckily they were part of the Shopbop sale so I did get a wee little discount.  I am loving the tassel detail and how they have the look of a lace-up shoe without the hassle!   Tassel and no hassle…CHECK.  I’ve found that I rarely ware any lace up shoes I have purchased because getting them tied perfectly is way too time consuming.  I am already ALWAYS running late so a five minute putting-on-the-shoe routine just doesn’t work. This pair has an easy little zipper on the back…thank you, Jeffrey Campbell!

Okay now on to the update!  It only took me 6+ months to find a venue and get things going.  I am admittedly very venue-picky and insisted on getting married someplace other than in a ballroom.  Wellllllll, guess what? We are getting married in a ballroom and I couldn’t be more excited about it!  So, what gives? Our ballroom is different. No really, the light fixtures are so elegant and like none I’ve seen before, the floors are a gorgeous wood finish, the windows and drapery are on point and there isn’t a tacky looking rug.  It has a Great Gatsby vibe and I was SO pleasantly surprised and overwhelmed with excitement when we found this gem.  So aside from the venue and food our next priority was the band.  We headed to Boston and checked out our potential wedding band which is now officially our wedding band.  This was basically a no-brainer after hearing them play.  My favorite part about weddings is all the dancing so music is KEY.  Our next task is finding our photographer.  We will hopefully be meeting with one in the next couple weeks and will soon have that crossed off our list.  Not so bad for a year out.  I am hoping that we if we can cross some of the important things off our to-do list now we won’t be too overwhelmed in a few months.  Oh, and lastly I went dress shopping!!  My mom and sister (/MOH) came to Connecticut on my birthday to take me dress shopping.  We visited 3 different stores and I found TWO dresses which I loved.  Two VERY different dresses, both which I never imagined I’d love so much- kind of like my ballroom of a wedding venue.  One is unique and unexpected while the other is classic and timeless.  I haven’t purchased either one yet as I am the most indecisive person ever but I am definitely leaning towards one. Well, thats a wrap…I’ll leave you guessing which dress I choose (if I ever decide).

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I have come to terms with the fact that I can’t seem to shoot, edit and write blog posts featuring each of my new purchases before they end up selling out.  The fact is that I am shopping way more than I am blogging.  ::Less shopping, more blogging, less shopping, more blogging…you can do this Jessica! ::  While I try to post fairly regularly on Instagram I figured it would be fun to start rounding up my recent purchases over here on the blog.  You’ll get to see all the goodies that I buy here in one post, some will eventually be featured in upcoming posts but until then it’s mirror pictures galore.  I’ll be keeping the windex nearby.  My plan is to keep these posts coming every 4-5 weeks but just promise me ONE thing…let’s not tell Jeremy how much shopping I really do.  Now that we’ve covered that, let’s ignore my sunburnt chest and get to it…


Top: Banana Republic (TTS, wearing size small) // Shorts: Revolve (also Shopbop); run slightly big but I got my regular size- I HATE snug shorts!


Top: Loft (TTS, wearing size small) // Pants: Gap (TTS) // Sandals: Old Navy

This top has been perfect for work!


Top: Ann Taylor (wearing a Small) // Shorts: Old- have and love these


Vest: Nordstrom (Wearing size Small; one of my favorite purchases!!) // Similar Top


Top: J.Crew Factory (size Small- love sleeveless sweaters!)


Jacket: Shopbop (on sale! wearing size Small)


Skirt: Gap (TTS, I purchased in the ‘Tall’ length) // Similar Top 


Shoes: Nordstrom (just a tad obsessed with these! They are TTS)


agolde-parker-vintage-cutoffagolde-parker-cutoff striped-turtleneck (1 of 1)-13cutoff-jean-shortsagolde-parker-vintage

Shorts: Revolve (also here) // Shirt: Loft (sold out); Similar // Bag: Sole Society

When I first started blogging I featured SO many extremely affordable pieces of clothing.  While I loved those pieces at the time, I currently own about 10% of them.  Why? Because I was so excited about the inexpensive prices and great ‘deals’ I was getting that I overlooked the quality and ended up with lots of items that only lasted through a few washes.  I also was much more into trends than I am now, trends that didn’t last or ones that I no longer loved the following season.  Don’t get me wrong, I still buy certain trend items but I am much more picky about my selections and try to think about what I will wear long term.

If you’ve been reading along for the past few months you’ve probably (maybe?) noticed that I am all about buying staple pieces lately.  Basically, I’m realizing that donating clothes every few months is ridiculous, especially when I’m donating items I’ve barely worn.  A lot of times those items are ones that I bought on sale and I just couldn’t pass them up for the price.  Nowadays, when I try something that is discounted or on sale I try my best to disregard the price and ask myself “If this were $100 would I buy it?”  I am no longer purchasing pieces because of the prices, I’m purchasing them because I love them. I can’t live without them.  They complete me.  We were meant to be together.   Okay, a tad dramatic there but I hope you’re catching my drift.  That being said, I purchased these shorts for over $100!! WHAT?! Who am I?  Last year I would have NEVER paid that much for a pair of shorts, let alone admit it.  I also spent last Summer continuously wearing whichever shorts in my closet I hated the least.  Finding a pair of shorts that fit just right is a struggle.  I’ve tried SO many over the past few months, none which were worthy of purchasing.  I had my eyes on these for a few weeks and continuously read any reviews I could find about them before pulling the trigger.  I knew I could have them delivered with no shipping cost and no return shipping cost so I had nothing to lose…and everything to gain! The shorts fit perfect and I quickly decided that I will be wearing these non-stop this Summer.

The skin bearing months of Summer are tough ones.  There’s no denying that it’s a bit tougher to hide parts of our bodies that we feel insecure about.  We can’t just throw on some dark slimming skinny jeans and an oversized sweater and call it day.  My lower body is definitely an area that I struggle with and if a pair of $100 shorts make me feel more comfortable for a few months then heck yes they are worth it!  They also come in a darker wash which you better believe I will be buying if they ever go on sale.

Now it’s back to working for the weekend.  We are so close! Happy Friday Eve, friends!



Photos by Brittany Hill Photography


Cardigan: Gap // Tee: Madewell (best t-shirt!)/ Jeans: Gap // Sneakers: Old; love this pair! // Bag: Kate Spade Outlet; Similar

If you haven’t caught on by now let me spell it out for you- I L-O-V-E CARDIGANS.  I have more cardigans in my closet than I do shoes, jeans, shirts, shorts, skirts, dresses.  I can basically have a cardi party every day of the month without re-wearing any of them.  So… you’d think since I have so many I would chill out on buying more? You’re WRONG.  I CAN’T STOP.  I could be addicted to worse things, right?

I was instantly sold on this one because it is 100% cotton.  As I’ve mentioned I am very picky about itchy fabrics (I’m talking about you, wool) so when I find a sweater that is 100% cotton I do a quick happy dance and reach for my wallet.  I am loving the neutral color, ribbed texture and length of this one.  It also comes in blush and navy- I am so tempted to get another. I paired this one with my new white denim for a casual Spring look and it will definitely be tagging along with me for all those chilly Spring and Summer nights.

I am so excited for some warmer temps that are coming this weekend.  My bestie will be in town for her bridal shower and I cannot wait to hang with all my favorite gal pals!  It’s officially wedding season and I don’t hate it!  Hope you all have some fun plans brewing.


gap-poplin-shirtJeans: Gap // Shirt: Gap // Shoes: Sam Edelman // Bag: Similar 

If you had told 17 year old Hollister-jean-wearing-Jessica that she would be wearing straight leg jeans before her 30’s she would have laughed/cringed/cried.   Following my distressed Hollister jean phase I turned to skinny jeans.  While at times tight and restricting, they’ve been by my side through the Freshman 15, my post college days, the recent years of my slowing metabolism and everything in between.  Yes, my jeans and I have our own little love story.  I have a few boyfriend jeans sprinkled in the mix but straight leg ‘mom jeans’ never made the cut…until now. I started my hunt for a relaxed fit, mid to high rise jean a few weeks ago and soon realized that all the boyfriend/girlfriend/mom jeans were just not working for my shape.  Every jean that was supposed to have a ‘relaxed’ fit either fit my thighs like leggings or flattened my butt to nonexistence.  I decided to try on this straight leg pair because I clearly needed to look for something different.  I was SO pleasantly surprised by them.  It was the slightly relaxed fit I was looking for without being too sloppy, a comfortable mid-rise, and the perfect width for a leg opening.  Gap has really been speaking to me lately, probably because I’ve been stocking up on lots of timeless wardrobe staples.  I picked up this striped popover along with another blue and white striped shirt a few weeks ago.  I’ll take all the blue & white stripes that I can get!

Is this week dragging for anyone else?  March and April are always a struggle for me because there are no holidays for which we get off of work. C’mon MDW, I’m waiting for ya!  Its pretty pathetic that I have such a hard time working a consistent 5 day work week.  And with that, it’s bedtime for this chick/grandma.  Thanks for stopping by!