Duck Boots

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Jeans:  Banana Republic // Tshirt: Old Navy // Cardigan: H&M (old); SimilarLove this one! (only $15!) // Scarf: Forever21 // Boots: DSW & more sizes here // Tote: Nordstrom

Jonas has come and gone and the snow is quickly melting.  I definitely enjoyed my snow day the other weekend.  It was the perfect day for long naps, movies and lots of delicious snacks!  A few days before the storm I found these duck boots on the clearance rack at DSW.  DSW may make you walk through all the full price shoes to get to the clearance section at the back of the store (smart, DSW, real smart) but you must get back there!  I ended up paying half the original price for this pair.  My feet are happy and ready to embrace the snow which we probably won’t have more of considering these warmer temperatures.  Oh well, there’s always next year!  You don’t pass up a good deal when you see one.  At least I don’t!  I wore these boots while running errands the day after the storm.  I have the perfect cozy scarf to pair it with.  Me? Wear a scarf? Shocking, I know.   This one is from Forever21 and is so soft.  I can’t find it online but I’ve linked some other great options for you.

duck-boots (1 of 1)duck-boots (1 of 1)-5

duck-boots (1 of 1)-3




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