Gift Guide For Her

I’m back with another gift guide and I must say this one was much easier to make.  I have no problem shopping for the ladies in my life.  When shopping for my sister I typically end up purchasing two of each item, one for me and one for her.   I’m sure men would beg to differ (at least Jeremy would) but I think we make holiday shopping easy. You can shop all these items via the widget below!

Since we’re on the topic of holiday gifts, its appropriate that I share an embarrassing story because who doesn’t enjoying laughing at me?  So, a few years ago my lovely mother bought me a Coach bag which wasn’t quite my style.  I decided to bring it back in exchange for something else.  I perused the store and landed myself a large tote with sooooo many pockets and compartments. I didn’t examine it too much because I was sold on the size and look.  As soon as I got that bad boy home I was ready to switch bags and parade around with my new tote.  I soon found that my new bag came with a thin three-fold removable pad that was roughly two to three feet long.  I took it out, unfolded the pad and stared at it for a bit.  What purpose could this serve?!  If you’re mom and you’re reading this I’m sure you’ve already guessed….I BOUGHT A DIAPER BAG!  I decided to keep it, after all it makes for a good story.  Oh, and a few months later my sister was gifted with the same diaper bag at her baby shower.  I really mean it when I say one for me, one for her.

Hope you all have a great Thanksgiving and good luck if you plan to brave the crowds on Friday!

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