Working Out at Home

When laziness gets the best of us I know we can all think of a million excuses to skip going to the gym, one being that you don’t belong to one!  While I did have a gym membership for years I no longer belong to a gym.  I will admit that there is a small gym in my apartment building so that was my reason for canceling my paid membership elsewhere.  While I totally planned on taking a daily elevator ride running down 5 flights of stairs to the gym everyday, I often found myself working out within my apartment (sorry to the poor inhabitants of apartment 404).  I’ve bought a few sets of dumbbells, a jump rope, a foam roller and inherited a kettle bell from a coworker.  With just a few pieces of equipment and some sturdy furniture I’m set.  There was that one time I tried to use an Ikea garbage can for step-ups and I went anywhere but up.  Garbage cans are for garbage and not for holding my weight, lesson learned.  I now use a leather ottoman but chairs are also a good option.  Remember- choose something sturdy!

Investing in the right equipment can absolutely save you money in the long run.  I am not against gym memberships at all and I know some people do need the atmosphere as motivation but if you’re in a time crunch or on’t have the money for a membership then working out at home is more than doable!  I purchased my first set of weights at Five Below.  They have dumbbells up to 10 lbs so its a great option for beginners.  My next set of dumbbells came from TJ Maxx and were less than $20, such a steal! I suggest checking out your local TJ Maxx or Marshall’s as they typically have a decent selection of fitness equipment.  I also found this great beginner option for a kettle bell, the weights are adjustable so that you can start out easy.  I wouldn’t spend too much on weights as you may need to buy a heavier set eventually.  As I mentioned before I also have a jump rope which is great for cardiovascular routines and a foam roller which is the key to recovery.

Okay, so you’ve gathered the equipment, now what?  I started by finding workouts on youtube and casting them to my t.v.  Most of the workouts I started with were from the Tone It Up YouTube channel.  I’ve also completed a program from this website.  There are ton’s of free video’s and program out there it’s just a matter of finding one that fits your needs.



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