How to Stay Motivated

If you read Monday’s post then you know I ate a little bit ton of Halloween candy this past weekend.  I actually had to throw it all in a bag and put it out of reach.  Out of sight, out of mind (if only it were that easy).  I was planning to go to the gym Sunday but my body totally mistook the couch for the gym.  After having candy for dinner Sunday night, yes dinner, I knew that Monday was for getting back on track.  With the holidays starting in just a few weeks something tells me I’m going to have a few more weekends just like this one.  I’m a tad food obsessed so I will never give up on overindulging during the holiday season but I also believe in staying balanced and continuing my fitness routine without being thrown completely off track.  Today I’m sharing my tips for staying motivated and active during the holiday season:

1.  Set small goals: Be realistic.  Losing 20 pounds in a month is not realistic, especially when you’ve got stuffing and christmas cookies to eat.  Instead, set small attainable goals and remember that they don’t always have to be about loosing weight.  The scale is bogus in my opinion and the only time I use one is at the doctors office.  Some of my goals are to do more consecutive push-ups each month and to improve my upper body strength.  Once you reach your first goal, set another.  It’s much more motivating to continue working out when you know you are making progress.  Reaching your first goal will only make you want to achieve more!

2.  Imagine that post-workout feeling: I can’t be the only one who basks in the glory of their sweat post-workout.  The feeling of accomplishment after completing a workout cannot be beat.  How can you feel bad about that sugar cookie when you know you worked your butt off a few hours earlier?

3.  Plan ahead: The holidays are busy, I know.  Christmas morning you are at your parents house, then you have to go to your boyfriend’s aunts house, then back to your parents, then to visit your grandma and then there’s a round of carolling (or does that only happen in the movies?)…its hectic.  I could be totally off, how’s a Jew to know?  Anyways, I imagine its pretty busy.  Finding the time to exercise is up to you, make it a priority.  It could even be an at-home routine for 20 minutes, something is better than nothing.  If you need suggestions for an at home workout just let me know, I’ve got you covered.

4. Choose a workout that you enjoy:  Nothing will make you cling to the couch like planning to do an exercise routine that you absolutely dread.  Hate spin class? Then don’t take one, duh!  Find something that suits you.  If you enjoy it, you’re much more likely to stick with it.

Cheers to staying fashionably fit this holiday season!

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