Morning Workouts

There are few things I hate with a passion, one of which is my alarm.  I hate everything about it… setting it, hearing it, finding the right button to snooze it, hearing it again 10 minutes later.  If you couldn’t tell, I am not a morning person. I can function in the morning, just not well. I’m slowly turning into one of those ‘coffee before talkie’ people.  The only reason I willingly open my mouth in the morning is to consume food, drink coffee and to yawn.  That being said I thought it was a marvelous idea to start setting my dreaded alarm an hour earlier so I could workout in the morning.  I’ve always exercised after work which went okay. I’d come home around 4pm, sit on the couch to relax for just a few minutes and have a quick snack. Minutes later I would look at the clock and ponder how it could possibly be 6 o’clock already leading me to prep for my workout, ponder some more on how it got to be so late, have another snack and then I’d get to it. The rest of my evening was a blur of showering, eating dinner and getting reacquainted with the back of my eyelids, oh sweet sweet sleep. 

I’ve read many great benefits of exercising  in the morning, one being that it gives you a boost of energy to start the day. Just a few weeks ago I decided to give it a go. I woke up to an obnoxious beeping at a 4:47 am (yes, I set my alarm for oddly specific times) located the snooze button and woke up to more beeping at 4:57.  With my mismatched attire I made my way downstairs (yes my gym is a whole 5 floors away) to smash a workout. After doing nothing of the sort for a half hour I made my way back upstairs to shower and get ready for work. Please don’t stop reading here. My first day was beyond tough, maybe my body was adjusting or maybe my body was wondering why I was attempting a million jump squats 12 hours after shoveling Chinese food in my mouth.  Either way, I wasn’t giving up. I committed to morning workouts 3 days a week. The next day, and every other morning since, was successfull. Although I’m still working on becoming a morning person I have totally mastered being an ‘afternoon person.’  I absolutely love being able to come home after work, sit on the couch, realize it’s already 6pm and not still have to squeeze in my workout.

So, what’s the real benefit?

  • When your coworkers ask you a question at 8am you can reply with an answer and not a yawn. The energy boost is amazeballs. 
  • Alternatively, if you’re not productive for the remainder of the day you can still feel like you accomplished something. Those calories didn’t burn themselves.  
  • Johnny, the wannabe bodybuilder, isn’t hogging all the gym equipment at 5:30 AM
  • You can make plans with your besties (i.e Netflix and Hulu) after work. 

Honestly, I highly recommend morning workouts.  Make it a priority and not an option. If you are hesitant (or love sleep as much as I do) then try it a few days a week instead of everyday. I’ve consistently stuck to 3 days a week but may be making it my daily routine. I’ve compared the days I exercise before work to the days that I do not and its beyond evident that I’m much more pleasant when ‘sweat sesh’ isn’t sitting on my to-do list for the day.  
 Needless to say I’m coping with my earlier alarm and won’t be delaying it anytime soon. I figure I’ll be a bit tired whether it goes off at 4:47 am or 5:54 am so I might as well get up and exercise. Plus, if I walk my pup before 5:15 the sprinklers are still going and a splash of water does wonders for a sleepyhead like me. 


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